Sunday, 26 April 2009


Although this is a blog to get messages across we have a new site being uploaded shortly and various magazines and literature.
The original Vanguard magazine best describes exactly what has happened and led to our formation. This publication was put out by the NF in August 1986 when branches declared independance but kept fighting for the National Front ideal.
The contributors are Tom Acton, Steve Brady, Andrew Brons, Martin Wingfield, Ian Anderson and Paul Nash.
It best describes the situations which have dragged the party into the sham it is now and events which have occurred since 1968.
This publication is the best way of assessing the current situation. And proves that we have never learnt from our mistakes, or when we have those that attempted to rectify the problems were met with systematic opposition not from our political enemies but from our so called own.

Saturday, 25 April 2009


"Oh no not again," we hear you say, not another split or another party set up by disgruntled members or agitators. Well you'd be partially correct as it is neither of the above.
We have fought and put in much labour for the National Front and other parties in the past only to see them further dragged into the merest shadow of its former self.
For many years we declared our dissatisfaction at anyone who formed splinter groups or took away support for their own ends and to serve egotistical fantasists.
We now after further struggle see no alternative than to declare final independance from our past parties and take a new turn.
We ask all our friends and supporters to join with us in pushing forward a new dynamic image and party to take ours into that which we have devoted our lives to in the past.
Let us start by saying we are NOT an illegal organisiation or paramilitary outfit so there is no need for the paranoia that seems to permeate throughout Nationalist Parties at the moment. We do not and will not as a party engage in illegal acts so don't be paranoid that the person next to you is a police officer out to get you.
If someone did instigate or attempt to incite any member or supporter into illegal acts it is up to that individual to kindly tell that individual that they are not interested and that they are only concerned in paving the way to a better future for our children, people and nation.
We vow to take back the streets and take this green and pleasant land into a new dimension not seen for a long long time.